Mitch Zais

Mitch Zais

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First Name * Mitch
Last Name * Zais
Username * Kakkoii
Country * Canada
City Kelowna
Nationality Canadian
Languages English


Current Position Lighter;Modeller;Renderer
Areas of Expertise Games ComputerGames ConsoleGames MobileGames Onlinestudent
Preferred Tools I am an extremely fast learner who is able to understand how things work very quickly. I am always pushing myself to do better work and gain knowledge. And when I'm paid to do somethingI take it very seriously.


Availability: Freelance


I'm very passionate about learning as much as I can about almost everything. But my strongest focus is on technology and science. With CG being the industry/subject I want to have a career in. I wish to one day be a part of a team making the type of movies which I grew up loving from studios such as Pixar, Dreamworks, Sony and the like. Or having a good role in a big games studio such as Bethesda, contributing to the great games I love to play.

I work well with others, am very understanding, empathetic, and wish to contribute as best I can to any environment I am in. Always willing to give a helping hand to those around me. I also have a very strong capability for problem solving, especially when it comes to computer related issues.